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In the South

The Dutch fort in Galle is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. From the moment you enter the fort, you will find yourself back in the colonial era. The fort is a motley collection of authentic Dutch buildings, including an old Dutch church. This fort is still in good condition and even survived the tsunami of 2004. The maritime museum is well worth a visit!

Volunteers ensure that the turtles can lay their eggs safely and later protect the nests. This area is a nature reserve since 2006. At the information center you can learn all about these amazing animals. In the evening you will see many stars in the filament and the sound of the waves is relaxing and impressive at the same time. We see how one or more sea turtles come ashore to lay their eggs. With a little luck you can even spot a nest with hatchlings.

The pole fishermen have in Koggala their home and this is the only place in the world where they fish this way. With one hand holding on to a pole stuck in the reef, and in the other hand they hold a fishing line. The pole anglers are true acrobats!

We take the boat early in the morning and go on a whale and dolphin safari! A pleasant boat ride in search of the giants of the ocean. Probably we will also encounter sperm whales next to the blue whales. Curious dolphins follow you on this journey.

We visit the Star Fort and the Dutch Fort, both dating from the colonial period in the history of Sri Lanka. We visit the district attorneys and law buildings where the city is famous for. A beautiful sight is the long bridge that leads to the temple island. We have lunch in a lovely colonial building which has a unique predecessor of the air conditioning.

At the southernmost point of the island you will see a beautiful temple with his own temple elephants. Here is a buddha statue of about 20 meterin height. A visit to the Dondra Lighthouse is recommended, after a few steps you will be rewarded with a beautiful view from the top.

In this unknown village we visit the rock temple. We get a temple blessing and we might even ring the bell. From the high cliff we overlooking the beautiful pristine beach and sea.

Only a few places in the world are a "sea cave blowhole" and the 2 largest in the world is here in the south of Sri Lanka. Is a natural phenomenon that emerged from a cave under the rocks. In the middle is a small hole where the sea spray up which gives an impression of a large fountain. The sea sprays with up to 50km per hour and can reach maximum 30 meter.

In the south of Sri Lanka lies the rock temple of Mulkirigala, a Buddhist temple with many caves and murals. In these four caves adjacent boedhhas can be found besides other sculptures. It takes about 560 steps to reach the top, from where you, after a secret path, have a panoramic view of the green surroundings of this monastery. This is a truly idyllic location that many tourists do not know.

This tour is super romantic, active and very fun for bird lovers. You can see some beautiful mangroves. Paddle with a single - or double kayak through this beautiful lagoon. Stunning pictures are guaranteed..

The seated golden Buddha of 45 meters high, is the largest in Sri Lanka and has a beautiful temple. This is a place where the local people come to say their prayers. Before you reach the Buddha statue, you need to walk through hell, a room full of life-size statues of demons and sinners. Some penalties are depicted here: immersed in a cauldron of boiling water. By half to be cut and so forth. Furthermore, this temple also equipped with striking colored stone sculptures from the early 19th century!

Visit the local market with vegetables, fruits and herbs. You look at this market best in the morning or afternoon. See yourself from which ingrediënts the best Sri Lankan curries are made. The local fruits are presented by local farmers of the surrounding area. This trip can be made on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

Visit on foot or by boat this beautiful park with many bird species. It is a pleasure to see a piece of paradise here on earth.

Much less visited is the Bundala National Park, a collection of lagoons which has stunning nature. This wondrous nature is home to thousands of birds. The park is known for its large population of migratory birds. You will find among the coloured birds also buffalo and crocodiles.

The most popular park in Sri Lanka is Yala park. Here you may spot the largest leopards in the world! During the game drive you will come into contact with elephants, buffalo, foxes and even lipbears if yo are lucky. The monkeys are swinging wildly. Besides the many mammals can also find reptiles like crocodiles and snakes. More than a hundred species of birds live in Yala and perhaps you spot a peacock with wide open feathers. You can even see a white eagle soaring through the air with a little luck.

Visit one of the idyllic pristine beaches in the south. Ranging from a bay to a long stretched beach

On days with a full moon many believers wil visit this holy place and bring their offerings to the gods of Kataragama. It is a spectacle to see how they throw down their burning coconuts. The religions of Buddhists, Hindus, Christians and Muslims are all here together in one place, next to Adams peak this is also a place of pilgrimage for many people of Sri Lanka. Truly a sacred place in Sri Lanka.

These hot springs provide hot water with medicinal treatments. People can bathe in it and enjoy the soothing effect.

In The West

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Negombo has a nice harbor and a large number of restaurants. Besides the Dutch fort you will find many remainings of the colonial period. The Dutch love channels, which also is clearly expressed in these channels. You can make wonderful boat trips on them.

The beautiful gardens of the castle Richmond breathe class and romance. Walking through the halls of these beautiful buildings, you feel like a royalty. The gardens of the estate are a must see.

Visit the home of the famous Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa. The house with its surrounding gardens were an experimental project and the beginning of the tropical modernism.

Bevis Bawa has a landscaped garden which is less known than Geoffrey Bawa, but just as beautiful. The garden features many images and our favorite is the "moon gate".

We enjoy a scenic boat trip through the mangroves, where we visit the cinnamon island. During this cruise we see the most beautiful birds.

The world's largest reclining Buddha of 15 meters long, is carved out of stone. It is located in the west of Sri Lanka. Unique to see and definitely it would give you a stunning picture.

This monument was created in memory of the victims of the tsunami in 2004. A big standing Buddha dominates this place.

Get an idea of what the locals have experienced in 2004, when the tsunami engulfed large parts of the island.

In this museum you will find the kind of magic that hides behind the devilish masks. You can witness a traditional devil mask dance, this dance is often performed in the inlands of Sri Lanka.

Hikkaduwa there are not only many hotels, but there is also to a beautiful reef. Spot this reef and his inhabitants in a boat with a glass bottom.

Water enthousiasts can dive in the west, inhere you can dive and see a reef or even a wreck. You can even make a night dive if you wish! Snorkeling is also possible from a boat to see the reef.

The cultural town of Kalpitiya was established in colonial times by the Portuguese. The churches of St. Anne and St. Peter you can visit if desired. Also in this area you find a fortress which was built by the Dutch and which was later claimed by the British.

The village Puttalam is known for its salt production and fishing. You will get a peak into the daily life of the local people of Sri Lanka.

Chilaw is a big city with a large fishing fleet. There is a Catholic church which contains the seat of the bishop. You can also make in this city a boat ride in one of its lagoons.

Take a jeep safari through the largest nature reserve in Sri Lanka. The park is known for its many ponds where various animals come to have a drink. A large group of animals, including leopards, elephants and buffalo can be spotted inside this beautiful park. Besides crocodiles, you can also see lizards and snakes.

In Colombo

An important temple with a statue of Buddha in a sleeping posture. Especially here is the famous Bodhi tree. This temple has many beautiful works of art.

The Church of the Holy St. Anthony. Situated in the north of Colombo, is home to a sacred spring, the one who drinks from it, will have no more thirst in his life. Next to this church is the army of salvation situated..

A very nice temple on the lake where some small pavilions are connected by bridges. This temple is guaranteed to deliver stunning pictures.

At a sandy beach, you have stunning views at Colombo city. Here you can enjoy an stunning sunset with on the horizon this metropolis.

The seated Buddha is not to be missed if you stand with your back to the "White House". It is the largest park in Colombo.

Enjoy the magic of this temple. This is made of granite which is ïmported from south of India. Perhaps your part of a procession and you might receive a blessing of one of the Hindu monks.

In this chain of beautiful historic buildings, we can see the well-preserved relics, beautifully preserved ancient statues andthere is even a space where they reconstructed a village from an ancient times. Definitely this museum is worth a visit if you are in colombo!

In these stunning buildings we see ancient Buddhist statues and well preserved relics, even a historical village has been reconstructed. Definitely worth a visit!

It lies in the north of Colombo, in one of the oldest district, and is one of the most visited places in the country. It is a mixture of people, items and food. The streets are filled with a big ammount of stores, with produts anyone can possibly need A great mix of different religions and traders.

These markets are situated close together. Trade in fruits and vegetables is a daily routine for the people of Sri Lanka. It is also a meeting place for locals. Take a look into their daily life and find fruits and vegetables that you didn’t know they even excists.

This temple has many treasures donated by the deceased. There are also historical objects next to a few old cars. A part of this temple is made of wood and there are also artifacts of ivory, brass and stone.

Every Sunday morning, until midday, local artists show their work. It is an explosion of color and here you can buy a beautiful piece of art for a reasonable price.

Colombo has several options for a night ot, you can go to a modern club, bar or dancing and visit even an authentic pub. Colombo is the place to be! There are even some casinos in this capital.

Regardless of what you choose, Colombo has some (small) malls for shopping. Examples are Barefoot, Paradise Road and/or the big Odel. Do you have specific wishes, we can bring you to one of the specialised shops!

In The North

The healing waters of Keerimalai are worth visiting. Visit afterwards the ruins of the Buddhist Kantarodai buildings which date from the time far before Christ.

This is definitely the most beautiful temple in Jaffna and one of the most important Hindu temples in Sri Lanka. This temple was originally built in the year 940 AD.

This archaeological museum houses beautiful terracotta statues, which date from the 5th century. It is well worth a visit if you are in the north of Sri Lanka.

The small island of Mannar is connected to the mainland by a bridge. Stroll along baobab trees and see here how to fish for oysters. Visit the Portuguese fort that later fell in the hands of the Dutch. Beside this island is Adam's Bridge, is a chain of rocks in the sea.

Visit the bird sanctuaries. One is Chundikulam, a bird sanctuary which originally dates back to thirties, but since 2012 it has been reopened to visitors. The other is the Kokkilai sanctuary which lies at the Kokkilai Lagoon, here you will find a collection of many rare and endangered birds.

This peninsula was heavily hit by the tsunami in december2004. it consists mainly of rice fields. The authentic fishing village of Point Pedro is the most northern point of Sri Lanka.

In The East

Arugam Bay is a beautiful sandy beach in the shape of a horseshoe. The high waves give the surfers a lot of adrenaline. After surfing they all come together in the taverns of Whiskey Point.

Batticoloa is beautifully situated between many natural waters. Visit the center of the city, the Dutch fort or one of the many churches.

The beach slopes gradually into the sea, the shallow sea water can reach a high temperature on a sunny day. Visit the remains of the temple which was affected by the tsunami.

Trincomalee is a town with many Tamils. It lies on a peninsula on the coast of Sri Lanka and has the fifth natural harbor in the world. This town has a long history behind it with a large kolonial history, the Dutch and Portuguese have stayed in this town .Visit the largest Dutch fort of Sri Lanka Fort Frederick and go to the Hindu temple which is located on the Swami Rock listen to a true story of the love between a soldier and a girl, which has deprived herself of life during the fall of the cliff which is now known as 'lovers leap'.

Whale watching is hot! In the season from June to September you can here spot along the many dolphins also blue whales, fin - and sperm whales.

From Nilaveli we take the boat to Pigeon Island. Here is a wonderful underwater world to admire a large variety of tropical fish, therefore, this park is ideal for snorkeling and diving.

The hot springs consist of seven different sources, which have their own temperature. The bottom is made of quartz, so the water is clear and not muddy. It would possess healing powers, it can cure arthritis and rheumatism, according to the local population. It's certainly good for skin diseases such as psoriasis. Take a bath and keep your skin young and healthy.

In the Old City

This mountain range looks like a clenched fist. You can hike or bike through on a mountain bike.

This Hindu temple was originally built between the 8th and the 10th century. In 1975 it was completely rebuilt from the remains of the ruins.

The Golden Temple is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It has five caves with petroglyphs. The caves were inhabited in the period around 700 BC.

This forest has much to offer such as the famous and rare ironwood trees. This forest is a mountain range which consists mainly of rose quartz. This mountain is about 500 million years old. The quartz was used ,among other things, for the temple of the Taj Mahal in India.

The lion rock is on the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It's a long time deceased volcano. The downward slope is due to erosion. The stone is huge (about 180 meters) and is already visible from afar. Lion Rock is named for the carved lion and lion's paws at the entrance.

On one side of this rock is a cave with a temple building. In the cave you will find five Buddha statues and murals. From the temple at the top of the rock you have a wonderful view of the Lion Rock Sigiriya.

Polonnaruwa was, after Anuradhapura, the second capital of Sri Lanka. The historic city of Polonnaruwa is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

You can see the elephants migrate during the dry season which is from April to October Kaudulla to nearby Minneriya National Park by a natural port. So it depends on your visit to Sri Lanka where we go to, Kaudulla or Minneriya.

Anuradhapura is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and has beautiful ruins. Recent archaeological findings suggest that Anuradhapura existed already 10,000 years ago.

Four Buddha statues carved into the granite rocks. Besides the Buddha is also a long reclining Buddha. On the other hand there are two seated Buddhas. It is one of the most famous attractions of Sri Lanka.

The Lankatilaka temple is one of the most beautiful Buddhist temples. The temple is built on a rock.At the entrance are two huge pillars.

This park of almost 4 hectares is known for its large population of elephants and leopards.

The mysterious pyramid building has an unknown origin that continues to this day. Nowhere else in Sri Lanka you will find a similar building.

Hill county

The most important temple of Sri Lanka and Buddhism is the temple of the tooth. This temple contains a holy relic, the tooth of Buddha. As every temple in Sri Lanka, there is a strict dress code, your shoulders and knees should be covered when you enter a temple. After a visit at this temple you can enjoy a traditional dance show or be part in August at the Perahera the temple festival.

Visit the ruins of the ancient Royal Palace. Imagine how the royal family lived here centuries ago. This site is next to the Royal Palace and has for example a Queen- and armory chambers. A historical place.

Situated in the center of the city of Kandy. Here have many animals their home. Spot hundreds of different bird species. You will also see different monkeys, including the langur.

These three temples are situated close together, one of them has the most beautiful carvings of Sri Lanka. An other temple consists of three buildings. And the last one is on the top of a small rocky mountain, which was built in the 14th century. These three temples give you a impression of the diversity of temples at the island of Sri Lanka.

The descendants of the Veddahs, the original people of Sri Lanka, are still living in the jungle and hunt every day with primitive weapons. After approval of the chief you enter the village and you witness how these people hunt and live.

Kithulgala is a great place and is best known from the movie "Bridge on the River Kwai", most of it was in this location in the Kelani river filmed and only a small portion in Thailand. The best thing to do here is a jungle trek on foot and wild water rafting.

You can only enter these cave by mountain bike or on foot. Inside this cave they found the remainings of a 16,000 year old Neanderthal man. Above this cave is a place from where you can enjoy beautiful views over the rainforest.

Adam's Peak is the highest mountain in Sri Lanka. It is the most sacred place in Sri Lanka and hosts four religions. If you want to make the climb to the top, then it is best to start right after midnight. It is a steep climb of about 6500 steps to the top and if you start on time you will be rewarded with a breathtaking sunrise and view!

Located at 1.8 km altitude lies Nuwara Eliya which has many tea plantations. Nuwara Eliya is also known as "Little England" by his looks. Visit Gregory lake and enjoy the beautiful views. Visit one of the tea plantations and get information about the entire process of tea production.

Horton Plains is a protected area by UNESCO. Here you will find various mysterious views and you can spot a large number of wild animals. In World’s End, which is also located in the Horton Plains, you can see an abyss of almost a kilometer. The scenery here is fantastic, it is one with a panoramic view.

Visit one of the most beautiful waterfalls when traveling through Sri Lanka. Our personal favorites are St Clairs, Bakers Waterfall and the highest Bambarakana with its 263 meters!

A small park, ideal for bird watching. There are many local birds and wintering rare migratory birds in this park.

A colorful and beautiful temple which is dedicated to Princess Sita

The city has magnificent views. Ella is a place where many tourists make a stop. You can climb the little Adam's Peak. Most chilling evening in one of the many bars in the center.

Enjoy the view while traveling 2nd or 3rd class train. The many scenic landscapes to offer pass Sri Lanka during this slow train. You travel together with many Sri Lankan families and it can be serious pressure on this train. An experience to never forget!

Here elephants are looked after to recuperate after an accident. Young (orphan) elephants here are fed until they are strong enough to survive in the National Park Uda Walawe. This shelter is less known but worth a visit!

The Uda Walawe Park is known for its abundance of elephants, there are approximately 400 of these animals in this park. Alternatively, there are buffalo, deer, crocodiles and monkeys. A beautiful park that is less known than Yala but definitely is worth a visit!

This is a place where adults and baby elephants remain who have lost their mother, were wounded or were rejected. The elephants can live free and they will be washed 2 times a day in the near Ma Oya river, a feast for the eye to see and guarantees the nice pictures.

In this park of more than one hundred hectares you can find various plants and trees. If you are a flower lover then a must visit is the orchid house. Besides spices you will also find medicinal plants in the local herb garden. There is a beautiful palm gallery. This park is also home to many birds and bats which can be spotted during the day. It is lovely to walk around this park and enjoy the sceneries.

The last protected rainforest on the island of Sri Lanka. It registered under UNESCO since 1989. Here you will find next to the versatile nature many birds and plants. There are also two beautiful waterfalls situated. Note that you must wear protective clothing beacause the park coulld have leeches.